Martin Nelis

Tartu City Government

Department of Communal Services
Traffic Management Director

From 2006, when I started work for the Tartu City Government, Department of Communal Services, TRAFFEST has been a solid and reliable cooperation partner. Their partnership with the City of Tartu extends to over 25 years ago. TRAFFEST reacts operationally to traffic light faults and adjusts traffic light programmes according to changing traffic densities. They have also accepted new challenges; they built the first smart crosswalks in Tartu as well as traditional speed displays and traffic census systems that operate over the internet.

Toomas Tammela

Pärnu City Government

Infrastructure and construction services
transport specialist

TRAFFEST has been a long-term partner of Pärnu and has maintained the existing and constructed new traffic light systems in the city for over 20 years. Of their recent projects, the development of contemporary traffic light systems for the intersections of the Tallinna-Jannseni-Rääma and Papiniidu-Mai streets, where sensor based adaptive traffic lights programmes are used, is worth mentioning.
Another excellent example of the work TRAFFEST does is the system of traffic lights on the Pärnu bypass, where so-called coordinated “green wave” programmes are used during the day time. During periods of low traffic density, a sensor-managed traffic light programme, which gives priority to the road user that reaches the intersection first, is in use. The piloting of a prolonged green light for trucks is being tested for the first time in Estonia.
The professionals of their field that work at TRAFFEST are always ready to provide detailed and exhaustive traffic advice. The company responds promptly to emerging problems and always finds a solution to them.

Mari-Liis Sepp

Estonian Transport Administration

Department for Smart Solutions
Project Manager of Intelligent Transport Systems

TRAFFEST was our cooperation partner in the Smart E263/E77 (2021-2022) project, during which they installed various traffic signs with changing information, traffic cameras and traffic monitoring devices. In addition to reliability and professionalism, they always do a little more than we expect from them.

Kristjan Duubas

Road Administration

ITS Development Manager,
SMART E67 Project Manager

TRAFFEST was our main ITS technology and software partner on the international ITS project, SMART E67 (2016-2019). During the project, TRAFFEST established, for the first time in Estonia, a section with adaptive weather-related speed limits (weather responsive traffic management) on the Tallinn-Pärnu-Ikla highway. Several signs with variable message displays and traffic information were also delivered, as well as other smart ITS solutions that work together systematically. TRAFFEST delivered, in the framework of the project, a traffic management system (central traffic management solution) and a hardware neutral central software solution, which is the platform for new additional variable speed highway sections, to the Road Administration traffic management centre (TMC). TRAFFEST has been a professional and reliable partner that realised a complex, high-quality ITS technical solution on time. TRAFFEST is a partner that specializes in the delivery of hardware and software, and is focused on finding solutions.