ITS Estonia network has won an entrepreneurship award


ITS Estonia network has been awarded the Tallinn Entrepreneurship award in the category of best cooperation project. The aim of the competition “Cooperation project 2021” held in the framework of the Tallinn Entrepreneurship Day was to acknowledge projects conducted between enterprises, research and development institutions and/or third-sector organisations who have similar economic interests and that

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TRAFFEST together with delegates of ITS Estonia participated in a seminar in Riga


On 9-10 September, TRAFFEST together with delegates of ITS Estonia participated in a seminar in Riga, the topic of which was intelligent transport systems and smart mobility in Estonia and Latvia. At the seminar, both enterprises and public sector representatives introduced their solutions for smart transport. The seminar also provided opportunities for building contacts in

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Traffest to install intelligent signage on sections of the Tallinn-Tartu-Võru-Luhamaa highway


The Transport Administration and Traffest signed on June 8, as the result of an international public procurement, a design and construction contract for the realisation of intelligent traffic systems on different sections of the Tallinn-Tartu-Võru-Luhamaa highway. Traffest will establish variable message signs for the speed limit of the 2 + 2 lane 36 km stretch

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Traffest together with the ITS Estonia delegation accompanied President Kersti Kaljulaid on a state visit to Austria

ITS ESTONIA vabariigi presidendi riigivisiit austriasse

On 26th and 27th of May 2021, the President of the Republic of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid paid a visit to Austria. She was accompanied by ITS Estonia delegation, which also included Traffest. At the meeting of the Heads of State, President Kersti Kaljulaid said that as Austria is at the forefront of achieving climate goals

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Traffest is the maintenance partner of the intelligent transportation systems of the City of Tartu


We are happy to announce that our long-term cooperation with the city of Tartu will continue for another 3.5 years. The contracts concluded as of May 1 for the maintenance of traffic lights and traffic control devices in the City of Tartu run until December 31, 2024. We’re excited about continuing our successful cooperation!

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Adaptive speed limit system on Tallinn-Pärnu highway


At the request of the Estonian Road Administration, Traffest installed an adaptive speed limit system at the so-called Kasti intersection on the 67th kilometer of the Tallinn-Pärnu-Ikla highway in Estonia. The aim of this project was to create a smooth and safe traffic flow by changing the speed limit according to need. Traffest installed variable

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Self-driving car: Cooperation project between Traffest, the University of Tartu and Bolt


An project is taking place in the city of Tartu, concerning the capability of the self-driving car of the University of Tartu and Bolt. After successfully passing the Road Administration’s driving test, it is evaluated on how it copes in regular urban traffic. Traffest was included in the project, as they manage the traffic lights

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New four-lane section on the Tallinn-Tartu highway, Kose-Võõbu!

kose-võõbu teelõik

The new four-lane section of the Tallinn-Tartu highway in Kose-Võõbu, was opened today! We installed the variable message signs and information displays and connected them to the Road Administration traffic management centre. The result is an automatic traffic management system that allows the maximum speed limit to be adjusted, depending on the weather conditions. In

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IB Foor became Traffest!


6th of August our new brand TRAFFEST was announced on the unopened Kose-Võõbu road section of the Tallinn-Tartu road. TRAFFEST’s predecessor IB Foor operated mainly with traffic light systems in Estonian cities. TRAFFEST’s operating geography is wider, adding Intelligent A4:B6 Systems (ITS) on the highways and at the border. TRAFFEST is a symbiosis of traffic,

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