Traffic light systems

Since its foundation in 1991, TRAFFEST has dealt with the design, installation and maintenance of traffic light systems.
We have established traffic light systems in all of the Estonian cities and on highways, where there are intersections regulated with traffic lights, but we have also worked in Latvia and Lithuania.
TRAFFEST has developed an environment for remote management and control of traffic light systems, which allows us to monitor intersections throughout Estonia from our traffic light centre. The software allows monitoring the status of the traffic lights, diagnose faults and partially correct them without driving to the intersection. We also monitor the traffic lights in Latvia and Lithuania from our traffic light centre.
Today’s traffic light systems are smart. It is possible to give a green enabling light to road users who arrived earlier at the intersection, give priority to some groups of road users and coordinate the intersections with each other to ensure a smoother flow of traffic – all of this using central management and traffic sensors.