Automated traffic management system of the Narva border crossing point

The border crossing point in Narva is the most used border crossing point in Estonia with Russia, while at the same time being one of the most easterly border points of the European Union. The Narva border crossing point is made special by its central urban location, which is limited by the historic Narva Bastion on the one hand and by the fort park on the other. The main square of the city and residential buildings, some of which are under heritage protection, are in the immediate vicinity of the border crossing point.
The Riigi Kinnisvara AS (state real-estate company) announced an international public procurement for the reconstruction works of the Narva border crossing point in 2014, in the composition of which the traffic management system of the territory of the border crossing was fully renovated. The aim of the construction was to make the border crossings at the Narva and Ivangorod border crossing points faster and more convenient for people and to maximise the border capacity, while keeping the border crossing closed.
In the years 2014-2016, TRAFFEST built the traffic management system of Narva as fully automatic. Human intervention is only required when the control procedures at the border point have been performed and the vehicle is allowed to enter or leave the country. This authorisation is granted by the employee of the border point. The preceding call to the check, license plate verification, opening of barriers and gates and directing to the right control lane is performed automatically by the traffic management system.