Traffest participates in the self-driving demand-based public transport project in Tartu


TRAFFEST participates in a cooperation project with the University of Tartu, Tartu City Transport, AS Bercman Technologies and Modern Mobility OÜ, the aim of which is to test the use of self-driving vehicles in the provision of demand transport services and to validate the necessary technological solutions and processes needed for this.

Within the framework of the project, the passengers will be served by a test car of the University of Tartu’s self-driving vehicle laboratory in the Tiksoja, Vorbuse and Kardla areas of Tartu. Those who wish can order a self-driving vehicle on the information phone 1789 during this time.

The task of TRAFFEST in the cooperation project is to provide the self-driving vehicle with real-time access to traffic information at major intersections in the city of Tartu through a special data exchange protocol. Also, to develop and modernize traffic infrastructure communicating with self-driving vehicles.

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Foto: Tartu Ülikool
Photo: Tartu Ülikool