TRAFFEST visited the Intertraffic fair in Amsterdam


🚦Intertraffic 2024 took place on 16.-19 April at the RAI exhibition center in Amsterdam and the TRAFFEST team was there once again.🚗

Intertraffic is the leading global traffic technology and mobility event, where industry experts and professionals meet to familiarize each other with the latest developments and visions of the future in transport systems and technologies. With more than 800 exhibitors each year, the event attract more than 30,000 visitors from around the world, showcasing the latest developments in infrastructure, smart mobility and traffic management. This biennial event offers extensive opportunities for networking, business deals and discovering innovations that address the current and future challenges of mobility.

Ivo: “At Intertraffic, the future is shaped through technical tools and software solutions, with the aim of creating the best and most effective solutions for road users. Today’s direction, focus and target are set on saving the environment, smooth mobility and increasing the capabilities of technical tools through the adoption and implementation of AI in devices. Our company’s task is to bring this wisdom home and apply it in the best possible way.”

Joonas: “Having visited Intertraffic four times now, I can say that more and more the focus of road construction and traffic management is shifting towards smart and sustainable solutions. As this is a highly technical area where ensuring people’s safety is of paramount importance, the greatest potential for meeting environmental and climate goals is seen in making traffic more efficient, i.e. smoother flowing. It should also suit our domestic drivers quite well. I noticed that, to some extent, hope is also placed on cooperation between companies, as well as other market participants, road users and customers. Only time will tell whether or not there is a willingness to remove barriers to a common goal for a better future and faster implementation.”

Viljar: “We could see that all the manufacturers and service providers have been working hard since the last fair, and it seems that AI is also taking over the field of intelligent transport systems, making inroads into both traffic sensors and controllers. As roadside devices get smarter with the help of AI, the role of traffic intelligence centres in the overall management of traffic may decrease in the future, as each device can make data-based decisions on its own. If 10 years ago it was predicted that self-driving cars would take over our roads and streets, and this has not really happened, then AI is probably here to stay, but we will apparently see its real triumph in intelligent transport systems no earlier than in 10 years.”

Ermo: “To sum up the fair, it can be said that the vision of the mobility field for the future is that AI makes traffic smoother. Massive amounts of data are being collected and AI is trying to deliver. The main focus is on helping drivers to choose the optimal route and driving speed. Everything must become greener and greener.”

Photos: Joonas Laks